Who We Are

IMRSV Data Labs is an Ottawa-based firm that specializes in helping organizations understand and implement artificial intelligence solutions to solve business challenges. We are a global leader in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Founded in 2013 as Miralaw, the company pivoted in 2017 to explore larger opportunities in the NLP market. Over the past five years, IMRSV Data Labs has built world leading technology in NLU that enables us to meaningfully process and understand rich information streams in near real-time. Our solutions leverage, data fusion, infer intent, and content analysis and extraction. They are also capable of processing multiple languages and interpreting complex cultural use of languages. Besides NLP and NLU consulting services, IMRSV offers AI solutions in semantic identification, classification, and summarization.

Sam Witherspoon - Chief Executive Officer

Samuel Witherspoon

Founder and CEO

Samuel studied engineering at the University of Guelph and law at the University of Calgary. He is called to the Ontario Bar and worked in both engineering and law before leaving to start IMRSV Data Labs. His strong, creative vision continues to expand our offerings and capabilities.

Bennett Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Bennett joined IMRSV in 2015 after he successfully completed his Masters of International Business from Queen's University. Bennett manages internal operations, marketing and customer acquisition, and investor relations.

Bennett Brown - Chief Financial Officer

Isuru Gunasekara - Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Isuru Gunasekara

LEAD Machine Learning ENGINEER

Isuru’s work is primarily in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and real time video processing. Isuru utilizes his strong research background to identify and build new AI based systems to solve customer problems. His ability to quickly implement new solutions driven by customer need is extremely valuable for IMRSV and their customers. Isuru has over 6 years experience in designing and implementing AI based solutions.



With over 80 cumulative years of experience in research and development, our ability to identify opportunities and solve unique problems for our customers is unparalleled.