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Get highly accurate, domain-specific content summaries extracted from your text, audio or video data.



Our solution

Every organization struggles to efficiently and effectively utilize the wealth of information generated on a daily basis.
IMRSV Data Labs has developed technology that provides the means to rapidly extract key insights from text, audio, and video content. 
Our solution delivers highly accurate, domain-specific content summaries that quickly enable better decision-making and higher productivity.

Document summarization


Real-Life Applications

Meeting Transcription

Meeting transcription

Document Summarization

Document summarization

Contextual Insights

Contextual insights

Effective communication in business and team environments is essential. Our technology can record, transcribe and summarize your meetings key points and action items instantly. IMRSV allows businesses to effortless update key personnel and organize pressing tasks following important deliberations. You focus on communicating, let us take the notes. 

Using our NLP driven technology we've developed a novel algorithm that yields highly accurate document summarizations. Our tools are applicable across various domains, including legal documents, research papers, and business reports. Our technology makes your life easier, and helps your organization become more productive.

Document reviewal and revision can be a lengthy and time consuming process. Beyond summarization, our technology can be used to identify core themes and important sentences to ensure the scope of your document is being accurately upheld. 



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