Depending on your project requirements, we offer two options to cater to your specific needs.
On and off-site consultations with our Senior Business Consultants and Machine Learning Engineers.
A Discovery & Design engagement session which provides an in depth look into client workflows, key value to the business and a pathway to applied AI.





An information management and analysis tool.

Resource Price

ANVIL $30,000

Note: Pricing is per seat, per year in addition to configuration and customization rates below.


For on-site consulting by either our Senior Business Consultants or Machine Learning Engineers, our daily rates are as follows

Resource Price

Senior Business Consultant $3,000

Machine Learning Engineers $2,000

Discovery & design

The purpose of a discovery and design session is to identify key stakeholder interests in connection with specific operational concerns. The end objective of this report and accompanying presentation is to rapidly discover key objectives from all stakeholder groups (clients, users, managers). Each stakeholder group has different expectations, requirements and definitions of what a successful implementation will look like. 

After consulting with stakeholders IMRSV will developed a framework and key milestones to implement in the coming months. The framework is designed to deal with the objective of deploying artificial intelligence in an operational setting. The roadmap not only focuses on implementation of an AI system but also identifies specific opportunities to get AI ready. This includes data capture, annotation, management and access. 

Resource Price

Discovery & Design $22,123.00

HST (13%) $24,998.99