carleton university


Carleton University is a Canadian post-secondary institution in Canada’s capital city. As an academic institution, they have a strong understanding of the assets data analytics can provide,  and see the significance of implementing modern technologies to monitor student, faculty and educational data to meet the degree level expectations set by the Ministry of Education.

the challenge

Every college and university must comply with the degree level exceptions of their Provincial government’s Ministry of Education. Regardless of the province, course outlines must meet degrees level expectations set by the Ministry. Unfortunately, Carleton’s existing data organization and management system did not work efficiently. The auditing system was not capable of auditing 7,000-course outlines from the Faculty of Arts efficiently without extra human power.

the solution

We used our semantic analytics technology to extract descriptive statistics from texts in the course outlines provided by Carleton, at a scale and speed difficult for humans to perform. This solution offered the institution the tools required to conduct a meta-analysis of course outlines. Our technology can extract and analyze information from text documents and turn it into valuable assets. For companies, this can produce audits conducted efficiently and accurately at a fraction of the human power required. By incorporating AI technology, the students, faculty and administrative staff at Carleton will all see a meaningful impact. Businesses using our tools function more productively, perform better and meet set requirements.

The results

Through incorporating our technology into their existing infrastructure, we enhanced the organization and management frameworks, resulting in, a wide variety of statistics and outputs being generated. We improved the workflow within the Faculty of Arts.  Administrative staff are now able to audit course outlines in compliance with Degree Level Expectations efficiently, faculty members will receive real-time reports on course delivery and performance, and students will gain valuable feedback into their current educational path and future successes. This technology can be expanded across multiple faculties and universities.