Innovapost cultivates synergy and business opportunities for the Canada Post Group of Companies by providing client-specific IT, IS, and Business Solution Services to drive efficiencies across the group. They understand the need to optimize IT services and within the mail, courier and logistics industries.

The Challenge

There are astounding amounts of unstructured data that goes unanalyzed. Every company regardless of the industry, with the right tools, has the ability to analyze and leverage data on a rolling basis. There is an untapped potential for businesses to make sense of and leverage data gathered from call centre interactions, efficiently and promptly. With multiple call centres, Innovapost had no visibility into one of their primary customer interactions. The valuable insights lost from this obstacle result in missed opportunities.  

The Solution

Our semantic search tools were used to analyze semantic meaning from the audio data, with high-quality performance and accuracy. This solution offered an end-to-end processing pipeline for quality scoring of call centre calls that provided opportunities to increase operational efficiency and employee performance. Our technology can identify and analyze the contextual meaning and intent of audio data from real-life call centre interactions. For companies, these new abilities translate into increase agent performance on-call time and decrease operational costs. Using our tools can improve call centre operations, save six-digit costs, and augment other business objectives such as focused employee training.

The results

We successfully installed our hardware and trained a call quality scoring model with a high degree of performance. Innovapost is now able to see accurate call quality scoring in a fast-paced environment, increase operational savings, train and improve agent performance and augment other business objectives based on insight on ‘good’ quality scores.