AI made easy.


made easy

By providing simple tools to deal with large information sets

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The only way we are going to be able to make sense of all this data and be able to extract more and more value from it is through machine learning and artificial intelligence.
— Aaron Levie, Box CEO

Understanding your data

Have you ever thought that it would be great if a computer knew what you meant? Our patent pending technology solves this problem using cutting edge natural language understanding. Don't worry about constructing the perfect search or looking for the right file name. Your documents are once again at your fingertips. 

Understanding the language of your documents

Document clustering

Labeling your data

You have lots of documents and not enough time to go through them all. Our customized solutions take your business knowledge and automatically sort your documents - no input needed. Then we put intelligent labels on the clusters so you can quickly make sense of them. 



Data extraction

Find the information you want effortlessly. Our customizable processing pipelines allow you to find the insights you know are hidden in your data.

Data Extraction

Unstructured data analysis

Unstructured data analysis

You deal with unstructured data every day. Whether it is your emails, your slack channel or your cloud drive. All of this information is vital to your business but you can't read it all. Let our algorithms read the information for you so you can spend your time on high value tasks. Our solutions understand the meaning of your content and help you sort through your information effortlessly. Our customized solutions can take your data and help you turn it into decisions. 

Sound too good to be true?



Ticketing triage

You deal with large volumes of simple information that needs to get in front of the right person as soon as possible. You value your customers time as much as you value your own. More effective responses yield better sales. Triage your tickets and put them in front of the person with the right expertise to solve the problem. 

Ticketing triage

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