Data Conversion

Convert your data IN PREPARATION

At IMRSV we have the tools to convert unstructured data sources into highly organized and analyzable content.



Our SolutioN

The traditional view of data, as simply numbers and figures in a spreadsheet, is deeply flawed. Data can be anything from a conversation in a meeting room, an inquiry made to your call centre, a comment posted about your business online or a video captured on your security camera. With the use of our technology, some of these previously unanalyzable data sources can now be leveraged to improve a wealth of business processes.



Real-Life Applications

Our expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) provides the ability to sort through large unstructured data sets and deliver valuable insights about your data.

Text Adaptation

Text adaptation

Using our expertise in NLP we take unstructured text content (social media conversations, transcriptions, meeting notes, etc.) and convert it into data sets that can be used to perform a variety of analytical functions.

Audi0 transformation

Audio transformation

Audio data is often overlooked by managers as its perceived to be an intangible data source. Using our translation and transcription tools, we can convert colloquial conversations or academic lectures, in any language, into text-based data sets. 

Video Analytics

Video analytics

Our image recognition technology can complete a variety of complex tasks including object classification, facial recognition and lip reading. Leveraging these capabilities we can convert silent or audio video feeds into valuable data sets.    



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