We Help you implement AI

Now everyone can have a team of PhD's at their disposal, helping them integrate cutting-edge Natural Language Processing technology into their business.



providing the insights for your Business to answer the what, why, and how

The most important questions you can ask as a business are:
"What is AI?",
"Why should I have an AI strategy?", and
"How can I integrate AI into my business?"

Our team of experts help you navigate the AI landscape and craft a custom strategy for how to incorporate AI into your business.



Understand what's possible

For people without experience in AI, it can be difficult to imagine what is possible. Our experience in the AI industry over the last five years mean we know AI better than anyone else.

With over 50 cumulative years of experience in research and development, our ability to identify opportunities and solve unique problems for our customers is unparalleled.

Integrate your data

Integrating AI into your business and business processes is complex. It involves new best practices around data management, collection,  and handling. It involves migrating legacy systems to modern infrastructure. 

Our consulting practice is designed to help you make a seamless transition and set your business up to take advantage of the latest developments in AI for years to come.  


Our process

Our consultation process



Fast scale up

Quickly get results, instead of spending time and effort finding the right people.


control the budget

Together, we determine a budget that works for you.


Rapid prototyping/pivot iterations

Our tools and know-how lets you quickly make adjustments to test and refine.


Lower risK

Leverage how your data is used to control any potential risk.


Outside of legacy systems

Using our flexible services, you can bypass internal policy and legacy system roadblocks.


scalable capacity

Our setup allows you to scale to exactly the capacity you need.



Additional services


Add additional resources to your team

Helping a distressed project get back on track quickly and cost effectively, or providing recommendations for improving your current system's performance.

Data acquisition

Identifying and extracting unstructured or semi-structured data from paid and free web sources, or by using Search Technologies’ secure connectors to popular repositories.

Raw language processing and statistical language processing

Providing the highest quality results for search and analytics.

Text mining and text extraction

Leveraging entity extraction, content categorization, content clustering, fact extraction, and relationship extraction.

Query understanding

Improving search relevance and personalization with our patent-pending algorithms, including the development of question answering systems.



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