Give structure to your
unstructured data
and reveal valuable insights

Understand and discover ways to correctly utilize, benefit from and leverage your unstructured data.



Our Solution

Making sense of the vast amount of data in your organization, whether it is documents, communications, or audio recordings, is not an easy undertaking. Combine that with the continuous generation of new information and the task does not get any easier. While identifying key points that lie hidden within individual pieces of information can be very time consuming, determining how they connect to one another is too large of a task to return meaningful results quickly. 
IMRSV Data Labs has developed solutions that provide highly accurate and meaningful insights into your existing data and are customizable to your specific needs.



Real-Life Applications

Cloud migration

Phishing Emails

Risk Assessment

Cloud migration

A company is planning to transition their entire existing infrastructure to the cloud. The amount of information is massive. Our technology clusters information by creating labels and relationships used to identify obsolete, duplicate, or simply unnecessary data. It ensures that only useful information is migrated to an online solution, saving time and money. Moving forward, all current and new information can continuously be classified to offer a complete outline of the company's data and reveal hidden insights.

Phishing Emails

The advancement of technology has made it easier to generate content and distribute emails with the intent to collect sensitive information from an individual. Such malicious emails are hard to detect by individuals or services. However, IMRSV Data Labs has developed technologies capable of detecting suspicious activity and alerting users to it using our patent-pending semantic analysis.

Risk assessment

An organization needs to be compliant, protecting data subject rights and realizing the value of its own data. IMRSV Data Labs provides secure technology that incorporates with your existing infrastructure to make sure you are processing your information according to rules, regulations, and norms. This active monitoring solution is customized to an organization’s specific needs and can identify potential risk with its data.


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