Software Engineering

Backend Engineer



IMRSV Data Labs is a company developing cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning algorithms and technologies to solve challenging problems in the field of natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU).

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Job Type: Fulltime


We are looking for a candidate with strong technical skills, and engineering drive.

You will be involved in almost all the software development lifecycle. You will design and implement demos, and convert custom ML/NLP solutions from the research team into production. You will be critical to getting our talented research team's ideas to market. Our talented UX designer will help you make exciting demos which you will be proudly able to show off. You will also assist in, or maintain developer tooling, and serve as backup cloud operations support.

We require you to be able to provide mentorship to other employees in your field of expertise. This implies being able to provide feedback on problem solving, time estimation, task allocation and prioritization. Additionally, providing them with the resources to foster personal improvement regarding work-related tasks.

Our learning-oriented culture is transparent, fun, and strongly encourages a work-life balance.


  • Requirements engineering

  • Use case building

  • Project planning

  • System design

  • Implementation and testing

  • Issue management and product technical support post launch


  • Software or computer engineering degree, CS degree if it had a “software engineering” option or if significant engineering experience in the field

  • 1-5 years of post-undergrad experience

  • Cloud platform experience, whether AWS, Heroku, DigitalOcean, or other comparable provider

  • Advanced Python

  • Modelling, relational, and database design

  • ORM experience, whether ActiveRecord, SQLAlchemy, Hibernate, or comparable

  • Intermediate to advanced full MVC web framework experience, preferably Rails, Django, or Pyramid

  • Significant parallel or distributed programming experience

  • Non-trivial unit testing experience

  • Docker experience an asset

  • Ruby experience an asset

  • Web API design and implementation experience a valuable asset

  • WebSockets or SSE, asynchronous programming a valuable asset

  • Domain and mail management, Let's Encrypt experience an asset

  • Javascript, HTML5, or templating language experience an asset


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