Canadian Tire is a retail company providing automotive, hardware, sports, leisure and home products  to Canadians at over 1500 retail locations across Canada. They recognize the importance of staying competitive in the retail landscape and using modern technology to monitor store visitations and customer behaviour patterns.

The Challenge

To maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, businesses must understand their customers and how they interact with their organization. Companies in the retail sector are particularly concerned with their customer’s behaviours and patterns of shopping, due to the impact it has on sales. However, when you do not have the proper technology to monitor and track customers in a store effectively, you cannot make accurate operational decisions.

The solution

We incorporated a network of cameras to count, track, and monitor customers in stores; including data on how many people entered the store, what they do while shopping, where they go in the store, and how many people are at check out at any given time. This solution offered the company key insights into customer tracking and forecasting. Our technologies can extract and transform critical insights from video feeds into valuable data. For companies, this translates into better operational decisions made to accommodate customer trends. By taking advantage of AI, staffing decisions can improve, and stores can perform at a more competitive level.   

The results

Through installing our technology into stores, we were able to track customer behaviour throughout the shopping experience. Cameras were placed at store entrances and exits, resulting in knowledge generated about the number of people in the store at any given time. The staff are now able to use customer tracking as a loss prevention method and make better staffing determinations. This technology can be rolled out throughout an entire store to predict other customer behaviours within the shopping experience.