IMRSV is headed to CANSEC


IMRSV is excited to be exhibiting at the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries trade show (CANSEC) here in Ottawa from May 29th to May 30th. CANSEC is a foundation upon which defence and security companies in Canada present themselves. It allows for them to put forth leading-edge solutions for key decision-makers from military and government.

Why we’re there

CANSEC is an established platform for innovative technology in military and government. That’s where we come in. Our capabilities in Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows us to cater to defence and security strategies. Guided by our solutions, customers can manage their important data and identify threats to that same data.  

Strong, secure, IMRSV.

The security and protection of data should be treated with the utmost importance. With IMRSV’s customizable Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology we drive real business value for our customers. We can improve the way they collect, curate and consume their data.

Happy to chat

Come see us at CANSEC in the innovation hub to find out how our solutions will meet your business needs.

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