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Our SolutioN

Existing technologies are limited in their ability to identify and analyze threats. Keyword-based searches are commonly used to find relevant information, but without an understanding of context and meaning, results are of low accuracy and require a large amount of human intervention.

Our technologies offer semantic search, which understands the intent and contextual meaning of terms behind queries, and thus yield much higher accuracy. By understanding the connections between words, IMRSV Data Labs builds entities. An entity is a person, place, or thing as a human understands it, and can be understood in connection to other entities. This allows us to analyze digital trends and patterns in real time, while simultaneously quantifying its risk across multiple channels. 



Real-Life Applications

Call Centre Management

call centre management

Even when a customer contacts your business to deliver a complaint, they are providing you with a tangible benefit. Using our technology, audio from call data can be collected and analyzed to identify trends, patterns and operational risks. We help you understand your customer base and provide valuable insights into their interactivity. 

Online Threat Detection

online threat detection

We can observe social media activity, audio recordings and video data to determine content toxicity in real time. Using semantic analysis, we can process live content across multiple channels to identify threatening behaviour and activity. Our technology works in any language and can even recognize colloquial linguistic patterns.

Automated Quality Assurance 

automated quality assurance

As a business it's important that your public content and offerings are consistent and well reviewed. Our technology allows you to analyze proposals, bids or marketing publications by scoring content based upon specific objectives and key performance indicators. 


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